SkillMix  is working through the support of Sound Connections and their Innovate programme to explore ways to enhance music and arts provision for children and young people with Down’s Syndrome. The aim of this project is to lay foundations that will support further research and activities targeted at increasing organisational networking and access to high quality music provision for grassroots organisations supporting children, young people and families living with Down’s Syndrome across 4 London boroughs.  


To learn more or to participate please click on our invitation below and then follow the embedded links. 



SkillMix has been approached by Sound Connections to conduct research in order to then develop a tool that is centered on young people having an active say in their own musical progression. Whilst also reflecting students aspirations and desires the tool will also be useful to music practitioners working in a variety of settings.  


Watch this space and if you would like to participate please subscribe for updates. 




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