Through the active engagement in our audio and lens-based media projects students have the opportunity to work independently or in groups on the production and delivery of a mutually agreed audio visual media project. 


Our methodology will equip participants with a range of strategies that they can use in order to improve their levels of positive and active participation 

in school and community life.


We offer: 


• Arts Award accreditation (Discover, Explore, Bronze or Silver) for all participants


• Mentoring in Restorative Approaches to help students improve their communication and interpersonal skills


• Tools for students to measure and work towards improving their well-being


• A unique creative experience for students that is designed to involve parents or carers, family and friends, teachers and other professionals that are part of the students' 'network of allies'  



SkillMix works towards students gaining Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver Arts Awards according to students' needs and the project being delivered. 


Timescales for project delivery are based on Arts Awards recommendations. However, at SkillMix we aim to tailor delivery timescales to suit the requirements of each media projects identified needs. 



20 guided learning hours (recommended)

1 week: intensive project

Half a term: two sessions per week




25 guided learning hours (+ 10 independent learning)

1 week: intensive project

Half a term: two sessions per week1 term: a session per week





40 guided learning hours (+ 20 independent learning)

1–2 weeks: intensive project

1 term: two sessions per week

1 year: integrated with another project




60 guided learning hours (+ 35 independent learning)

4–6 weeks: intensive project

1 term: a day per week

1 year: a session per week


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